2012-08 EIAO Islands, Marqueses Tahiti

Report By Luke Ryan from Perth, Australia

The torturously long boat ride out to the island gave us plenty of time to make our final decisions on what lures to cast first, Eiao finally came into sight and the excitement continued to grow. After travelling for 48 hours half way across the world all the way from Australia we were relieved to have finally set foot on the prehistoric looking EIAO.

The First afternoon was spent rigging our gear and preparing ourselves for what was to come from the deep blue. The next morning came round and we woke to hot coffee and freshly cooked eggs, the hospitality of the friendly Marquesain’s was very humbling and made the whole experience that much more special. We loaded the gear onto the boats, split up into two separate groups and headed to our first spots. The scenery at Eiao is amazing and unlike any other location I have been to before.

Two casts at the first spot and Zeb hooked up to a nice fish on a Full Scale Kong 200, a nice fish came up and after a few pictures it was released we estimated the fish to weigh around 25kg. Another two casts and I was hooked up, this top water pattern continued for the first two days before the water turned green and the fish moved out deeper, we then concentrated our efforts jigging when the seas changed.

On the third and final day we spent a lot of time jigging in water 30-50mts and caught as many GTs as we wanted, the dogtooth were also around with many hook-ups resulting in blistering runs and lost jigs.

Fishing at Eiao was amazing, I have never experienced fishing anywhere else quite like it, the amount of fish surrounding the island is incredible and the average size of the fish is also higher than a lot of other places I have fished before. The place is untouched and the fishing definitely shows that it has huge potential for monster class fish to be caught. Poppers seemed to account for more fish due to the water you fish is quite deep averaging 20 meters, you are able to fish PE8 in most situations, Stickbaits worked quite well also as the days wore on.

The jigging at Eiao is insane with plenty of unstoppable fish hooked only to take off into the abyss, PE6 outfits and 200lb leaders almost made us feel like we had come under gunned at times. Big doggies inhabit the waters for sure and it is only a matter of time before true 100kg fish will be landed. In the whole time we spent jigging not once did we turn on a sounder or GPS, it was simply line up a spot and drop down the jigs which would be smashed almost instantly in most cases. You know you are in a truly special place when there is no need for Electronics. It is an incredible place to visit and it truly is a virgin destination, without doubt I will be back to target that big Eiao unstoppable.