This was our first trip running the trip on a mothership instead of camping and everything was according to plan, not a single hitch! Too pleased with that!!

We had return anglers Luke from Australia, Michael from Denmark and George, first time in EIAO. We also had the crew of Fishing Adventurers TV show; host Cyrill Chaquet and his cameraman Jacques filming an episode for release in Jan 2014.

Fishing was average for EIAO standards due to dirty water but as you can see from the photos we had some decent fish, it was hard work for the anglers though; fishing relentlessly in rough weather and making long runs to productive spots but I guess it was well worth it for them.

Yellowfin tunas were plentiful, you can literally catch all you want all day long.

Cyril; host of Fishing Adventurer ( was pleased with what EAIO had to offer, I cannot reveal too much but they reckon this would be an incredible episode; hunting, fishing, GTs on fly, GTs from shore etc etc stay tuned!!