2013-11 Gambier Discovery

After years of trying to fish this “corner” of the pacific ocean we finally made it! Together I explored Gambier with our chief guide Teddy Moux, Thierry of Exocet Sportfishing of Papeete, Paolo and Newton from Brazil who have just completed a week of fishing in Eiao, Marquises prior to this trip. Needless to say we had a wonderful time in this beautiful island with friendly people, good fishing, wonderful climate and amazing scenery.

I will not repeat how remote Gambier is, you just have to google it to know but this has to be one of the most beautiful place I have been to considering that I have been to many remote fishing destinations around the world.

With a population of 1200 people, Gambier Archipelago is actually a huge atoll with 3 huge islands inside the atoll. This unusual landscape offered diversed terrains for GT fishing and some very difficult terrains.

Through out the entire week in Gambier, the temperature never go higher than 28 degrees and most of the time we were fishing in 26-27 degrees and when it rained it was COLD!

Fishing – our first 2 days saw us fishing in a low pressure situation which was pretty slow but during windows of opportunity it was WIDE OPEN, in a few half hour periods we had either a follow a hit or a hookup on every cast! It was insane fishing but the reef turned ruthless with the big swells that made them extremely shallow every time it receded. Needless to say we lost many lures! It was almost 100% of the time the big GTs win!

On the 3rd day we had heavy winds that kept us on land and we took the opportunity to work on the lodge to receive customers who are interested to fish Gambiers.

The last 3 days of fishing had us exploring different parts of the island, I must say the population of GTs here are higher than average and eager to bite since there is zero commercial pressure. During a week of fishing we saw GTs, Dogtooth Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Golden Trevallies, Black Jacks, Snappers, Red Bass, HUGE Longnose Emperors, lots of Coral Trouts, Barracudas, Wahoo and Sailfish.

Due to its diverse terrains there is lots of reefs that are accessible from shore. A couple of GTs were landed from shore in the 20Kg range, we could have got a lot more GTs from shore if we had gone to the spots at the right tide, I am sure the next time we go back we will know a lot better where and when to fish the different spots in Gambier!