2014 Gambier Discovery

8 anglers from different corners of the world spent a week at beautiful Gambier Island for a trip organized by Temple Reef. Andrea Pellegrini from Italy, Bertrand Picarda from France, Ed Nicholas (No Boundaries Oman) from UK, Fabio Oo from Brazil, Hesh El-Brollosy from Australia, Michael from Denmark, Teddy Moux from French Polynesia and myself from Singapore. And not to mention our graceful host Mike Boosie Mu and his family.

Most anglers on this trip are established anglers with many days spent in the water chasing GTs if not legends on their own right. It was a great honor to meet up; plenty of fish stories and discussions about tackle and techniques.

Many Temple Reef prototype rods and lures were tested and introduced to the pro staffs; Bertrand, Teddy, Fabio and Andrea. Ideas where exchanged within and very practical insights on improving Temple Reef rods for targeting monster GTs from Ed Nicholas who probably spend more time and have seen more monster GTs than any of us while running No Boundaries Oman.

Great casters, endurance, power…. animals and machines; they converged; not to mention the beers, snoring, farts and wicked humors.

Until then we will have to wait till April 2015 for the next Temple Reef trip to be hosted by No Boundaries, Oman.

Credit – Teddy Moux for working on the photos.