2016-09 – Eiao Island, Marqueses, Tahiti

After nearly 2 years since Eiao was fished we managed to put together the logistics to this magical island again. Everything including the crew was gathered in less than 3 months!

We had Wen Ho who waited 2 years for this trip, Ricardo Laferia from Spain, Robert Wheeler from USA, Johnny and Charlie from China, Kelvin Yong who joined us a week before proper; all first timer to French Polynesia. Unfortunately Mosquito Mike a 3 time veteran missed the trip due to visa issues.

This was a special trip in the sense that our Marquesian friends made the effort to built a camp to make it comfortable for us in this harsh and mostly barren island. It was pretty amazing how they could built the camp complete with toilet, shower, kitchen, concrete pavements, sleeping & dining area, small landing jetty, sweet water piped from the mountains and even a sanitary sump! This time we also had Johan our Chef who had everyone well fed gourmet style. The camp and food made this trip so comfortable and special, thank you to all those who made it happened.

Fishing was insane as with every single trip made to Eiao, each time different in some ways. This time we had slow GT topwater fishing due to green water, it was a shame but the other fishing made everyone quickly forgot about it; it is very difficult for anglers to perceive how crazy the topwater GT action is when the conditions were right.

Our friends this time were greeted with very good Yellowfin and Dogtooth Tuna action both on Topwater and Jigging, GTs up to 40kg was caught on jigging and it was non stop action. Highlights was Heartbreak Bank which was about 15 miles off Eiao, YFTs and Doggies were in abundance, Some good size Dogtooth Tuna were landed. Numerous huge runs were experienced that ended with broken dreams and 2 big reels with over 400m of lines spooled.

Another highlight of this trip was everyone had their share of shore caught GT on the rocks by the camp during both day and night. We also had the fortunate experience of feeding GTs from our makeshift jetty.

PS – Will be loading photos progressively while they are processed. Please reserve your comments about dead fish, while we try to release everytime dealing with dead fish in fishing is inevitable.